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Felt Surplus E 50

The Felt Surplus e50 amplifies the fun of trail riding by adding the power of Shimano's STEPS pedal-assist technology allowing you to ride farther and faster than ever before.

The future of mountain biking is here and it's an absolute blast to ride.

Powered by an E7000 drive system from Shimano, the most accomplished and respected bicycle component maker in the world.

With 250 watts of power, the Surplus | 50 comes with a Shimano E8020 battery with 500Wh for quick charging capabilities and enough range for all-day, epic rides.

Four available settings let you customize the amount of power you want, and it’s easy to switch instantly at the press of a button at your fingertips.

The E7000 system is a dedicated off-riding riding platform, which means it was made specifically for the demands of mountain biking.

These include a rugged and durable design for a long life of use and abuse on rugged trails, as well as a lightweight and minimal construction that keeps the bike’s center of gravity as low as possible.

Head to Head Comparison

MSRP Drivetrain
Felt Surplus E50
$2,999 Shimano E8000
Kona Remote $3,799 Shimano E8000
Cannondale Cujo Neo $3,900 Shimano E8000
Trek Powerfly 5 $3,999 Bosch CX