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Felt Verza-E 30 S

The Felt Verza-E 30 S (for Shimano) combines the best step-thru frame design on the market with Shimano's trouble free STePS drivetrain for comfortable, power assisted commuting and recreational riding.

The Shimano STePS mid-drive electric motor design and frame integration provides balanced weight distribution and predictable stable riding with three levels of pedal assistance whenever you want it.

Here's an overview of STEPS:

Head to Head Comparison

MSRP Motor
Felt Verza-E 30S
$2,499 Shimano 250w
Trek Verve+ Lowstep $2,499 Bosch 250w
iZip E3 Vida 2.0 $2,599 Bosch 250w
Cannondale Mavaro Neo $2,750 Bosch 250w
Specialized Turbo Vado $2,850 Yamaha 250w