iZip E3 Vida (2020)

$ 2,399.00

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The iZip Vida electric bikes matches a comfortable riding position and reliable Bosch motor with a modern, easy to step-thru frame.

  • Quiet and powerful Bosch Active Line motor provides smooth, pedal assisted enjoyment
  • Comfortable position with rack and fenders for both practicality and weekend fun
  • 27.5 inch wheels provide stability and efficiency and the 2.25 inch wide tires add extra comfort and confidence
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame delivers great ride and stylish good looks
Choosing your path is easy when you ride this convenient and speedy electric bike. With the power to flatten any hill and a host of practical features, it makes every ride easy and carefree.

Head to Head Comparison

MSRP Motor
iZip E3 Vida $2,399 Bosch Active 250w
Trek Verve+ Lowstep $2,399 Bosch Active 250w
Felt Verza-E 30S $2,499 Shimano Steps 350w
Specialized Turbo Vado 2.0 $2,550 Specialized 1.2 250w
Cannondale Quick Neo $2,799 Shimano Steps 250w