Jamis Citizen Step-Thru (2019)

$ 369.00

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The step thru frame Jamis' Citizen is as comfortable a bike as you will ever ride.

The high rise stem and handlebars to give you a very upright position that's easy on your neck and back, and the plush gel foam saddle provides carefree comfort without having to buy an aftermarket saddle.

Jamis' step-thru truly is easier to get on and off of, some brands comparable bikes are step-thru in name only and you still have to swing your leg over the back to mount and dismount.

With easy rolling hybrid size wheels and a simple 7 speed Shimano Revo twist shift drivetrain, the Citizen is great for getting back into riding and simply having fun on the weekend.

Available with either a steel frame for $369 or aluminum frame @ $429. The weight difference between the two is only a pound and a half. In our experience most riders cannot tell which bike is which and have to ask.

Head to Head Comparison

  MSRP Frame Drivetrain Front Suspension
Jamis Citizen
$369 steel Shimano Tourney No
Liv Flourish $390 aluminum Shimano Tourney No
Jamis Citizen 1 $429 aluminum Shimano Tourney No
Trek Verve 1 $440 aluminum Shimano Altus No
Specialized Alibi $450 aluminum Shimano Tourney No