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Raleigh Rowdy/Lily 20

When the driveway has been mastered, the Rowdy (boys) or Lily (girls) are perfect bikes to take a 6-9 year-old off pavement.

Designed to fit kids 47”-55” in height. The complete bikes weigh just 21lbs.

Shimano twist shifters fly through 6 speeds with just the flick of the wrist allowing kids to experience shifting without adding in too many gears.

Mountain bike styling in a shrunken version will have them high tailing it through mud puddles with a big grin, while wide tires give enough traction to keep going.

Whether your is looking for a slick ride to take to school, ride around the neighborhood, explore the local dirt trails, or simply race up and down the sidewalk, this Raleigh delivers.

All bicycles sold by biketek include assembly and 6 months of unlimited tuneups and adjustments.

Head to Head Comparison

  MSRP Frame Drivetrain
Raleigh Rowdy/Lily
$290 aluminum Shimano 6spd
Giant XTC Jr 20 $300 aluminum Shimano 6spd
Jamis XR.20 $329 aluminum Shimano 6spd
Trek Precaliber 20 $350 aluminum Shimano 6spd
Specialized Hotrock 20 $370 aluminum Shimano 7spd
Cannondale Trail 20 $375 aluminum Shimano 7spd

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