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Serfas USB Light Set


Serfas' E-Lume lights were developed to be the best quality USB rechargeable bicycle lights available at each power level.

Powerful LED bulbs, aluminum, not plastic construction, LG brand Lithium Ion batteries, all backed by Serfas' Lifetime Warranty.

This light set features a 350 lumen head light that features:

• Daytime Flash Mode
• Up To 80 Hrs Runtime
• Extruded Aluminum Body
• Integrated Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
• 1 hour runtime @ 350 lumens, 7 hours on low, 18 hours on flash

The 15 lumen tail light features solid and flash mode with 2 & 4 hours runtime.

• 3 LED Design
• IPX3 Water Resistance
• Charge To Full In 2 Hrs From Empty
• Battery: Lithium Polymer

  • One front and one rear light
  • Handlebar head light mount and seatpost tail light mount
  • Micro USB charging cords

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