Onguard Bulldog Combo Mini

$ 34.95

There are several models of Bulldog, this model has a user settable 4 digit combination in the mini size (3.5in x 5.5in).
Mini U-Locks offer all the the security of the full size models but are slightly lighter and much easier to mount on a bike frame.
With a mini U-Lock you should add a double ended cable to secure your wheels to the U-Lock for greater security.
OnGuard's Bulldog U-Locks boast a hardened steel shackle and a double deadbolt lock mechanism that resists drilling, picking, bumping, pulling and prying.
We have sold more than 3,000 OnGuard Bulldog U-Locks since we opened in Squirrel Hill with only three reported thefts. This lock has a proven track record.

Includes a frame mounting bracket and free installation onto your bike when purchased in-store.