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Serfas Tier 1 Floor Pump

The Serfas Air Force Tier One is all the floor pump you need.

There are cooler looking high end floor pumps out there but they do not work better and are not more reliable than this pump.

It features high quality, metal construction, with no plastic in the barrel or base.

But the top mounted pressure gauge is our single favorite feature.

A top mounted gauge makes an actual difference when you use the pump. No more stopping and stooping down two or three times to read the pressure.

The pump is equipped with a Dual Valve pump head that inflates both Presta and Schrader automatically without using a valve adapter or switching around small parts in the pump head.

Tall 28 inch aluminum barrel for more air volume per stoke.

A great pump, completely rebuildable and backed by Serfas' Lifetime Warranty.

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