Jamis Renegade Series

The Jamis Renegade enables you to commute to work in the morning, join a group road ride after-work and head off on a bikepacking expedition this weekend. On the same bike.



With clearance for up to 700x42 or even 650x47 tires the Renegade series can be equipped to accommodate almost any adventure.

These are simply some of the most versatile bicycles ever designed.

Renegades have been the best reviewed adventure bikes on the market since their introduction. Here are a few reviews to check out:




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Jamis Renegade Elite (2018)
The Elite is the top of the line Renegade and features the full carbon frame,...
$ 3,899.00
Jamis Renegade Escapade (2018)
The Exile is the most popular of the steel Renegades and features a Reynolds 631...
$ 2,699.00
Jamis Renegade Expert (2018)
The Expert is our best selling Renegade and the least expensive full carbon fiber model....
$ 2,699.00
Jamis Renegade Exploit (2018)
The Exile is the most popular of the steel Renegades and features an outstanding Reynolds...
$ 2,199.00
Jamis Renegade Expat (2018)
The Expat is the most affordable steel model of the Renegades and is well equipped...
$ 1,199.00
Jamis Renegade Explore (2018)
The Exile is a new aluminum frame model of the Renegade and upgrades the Exile...
$ 999.00
Jamis Renegade Exile (2018)
The Exile is the most affordable model of the Renegades and features and aluminum frame...
$ 799.00