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Aventon Level Step Thru

If a bike shows unavailable below, then to get one ASAP, order direct from Aventon and ship directly to our store and we will assemble and provide all service and warranty work for 1 year for $120.

The Aventon Level uses the same proven E-bike system as the Pace 500 upgraded with front suspension and a sleeker frame design that encloses the battery.

The Level also comes already equipped with a custom rear rack as well as full coverage fenders and is available in standard or step thru frame designs.

Powered by a 500-watt sustained, 750-watt peak hub drive motor with a 672 Wh Samsung battery.

The Level is a Class 3 E-bike, which means that it includes both a throttle like a scooter as well as a cruise control like Pedal Assist System so that you don't have to hold the throttle down the whole ride.