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Aventon Pace 500.2 Step Thru

Aventon Pace 500.2 Step Thru

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Aventon's most popular model and chosen by Bicycling Magazine as an Editor's Choice three years in a row.

The Aventon Pace is fast and reliable with a quality equaling the entry level mid-motor e-systems from Bosch and Yamaha used on $2,500 e-bikes.

This Pace version is the Class 3 version, that means it includes a throttle with a top speed of 20 mph and a Pedal Assist System which can reach speeds of 28 mph.

At 50 lbs, this Aventon is light enough for most people to load onto a car rack without assistance - and significantly lighter than competing ebikes from Radpower, Pedego and bikes on Amazon coming in at 60 lbs at least.

Handlebar mounted buttons control the uncomplicated, easy-to-read display. You’ll be able to keep track of everything, including speed, distance, and battery level.

The Pace 500 might be all the E-bike you ever need. Stop by the shop and test ride one today.

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