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Aventon Sinch

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We will assemble and provide all service and warranty work for 1 year for $120. Since you don't pay PA sales tax purchasing from California the cost ends up being the same.

With massive 4 inch wide tires, a suspension fork, and plenty of power, the Aventon Sinch electric folding bike is for off-road, on-road, any road you're likely to come cross.

The Sinch is fully adjustable, super comfortable with 4 inch wide tires, a jolt removing suspension fork, and 500 watt, 750 watt peak, motor.

The Sinch is foldable, making able to fit in the backseat of most cars and any vehicle with a rear hatch. Perfect for those with limited storage space like in an RV.

Designed for recreation, rather than transportation, the Sinch will get up to 30 miles throttle only and 40+ miles on the pedal assist mode between charges.

Fits riders from 5'4" to 6'2"

The Aventon Sinch e-bike is absolutely a blast to ride. We have a demo model available in-store to try.