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Felt IA Advanced 105 (2021)

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Ridden to a first place at the Kona Ironman World Championships five years in a row, the Felt IA frameset has been proven both in competition and in wind tunnel testing to be the one of the fastest Tri bikes ever made.

The IA frame design brings this world class aerodynamic technology to the most affordable price-point ever. Designed for serious age group triathletes seeking the clearest competitive advantage you can buy on a mid-range budget.

This is the same frame, built in the same molds and with the same TeXtreme carbon fiber as the $5,000 to $10,000 IA models.

The only differences are that those models use a slightly faster Dagger front fork with integrated aero brake and feature electronic shifting and disc brakes.

Add or rent an aero wheelset to the IA16 for race day and you can be confident that you are on a bike that is measurably faster than 95% of the competition.