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Hollywood Destination 2

New for 2020, the Hollywood Destination 2 is so affordable and easy to use that there is now no reason not to get a tray type type hitch mount bike rack. 

Like all tray type (or platform racks, if you prefer to call them that) it features individual wheel trays the bikes sit in instead of hanging from the frame.

Once you use a tray type rack you will never want to use the old, hanging from the bike frame, rack style again.

Securely carries 2 bikes and is easy to install and easy to use and weighs only 20 pounds.

A locking threaded hitch pin keeps the lightweight hitch bike rack from swaying during transit and the rack also folds up when not in use for safer driving and convenience.

Fits both 1-1/4 and 2 inch inch receiver hitches.

Demo model in store.

*Note: because the rack holds the bicycles downtube to keep it upright this rack cannot be used with e-bikes that have a down tube mounted battery.

Free assembly and installation on to your car.