Hublox Anti-Theft Security Skewers

Hublox Anti-Theft Security Skewers

$ 29.99

Hublox Security Skewers are unique lightweight skewers to prevent wheel theft for quick-release hubs. The cycle skewers lock and unlock with a special key that’s easy to attach to any keychain.  Features anti-rust Cromoly axle and stainless steel springs for years of performance


  • Unique light-weight skewers prevent wheel theft for quick-release hubs
  • Lock and unlock with special key
  • Easy-to-carry attaches to any key-chain
  • Anti-rust chrome plated axle, stainless steel springs
  • Lightweight - weighs 70 grams/pair
  • Tighten to 7 N•m
  • Frame Dropout Outside Dimensions - Front: 95mm min to 115mm max | Rear: 128mm min to 148mm max

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