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Serfas Vulcan 350

With the brightest output and the longest run time of any rechargeable tail light currently on the market, the Serfas' Vulcan 350 will keep you safe on the road.

Intended for the most serious year around commuters, and probably too bright for night riding in the woods with a group, unless you're always riding in back.

Designed with 270 degree visibility, the Vulcan 350 runs up to 19 hours on full power flash and includes a USB C charging cable and seatpost compatible mount.

    Backed by Serfas' Lifetime Warranty.

    Head to Head Comparison

      MSRP Lumen Run Time
    Niterider Omega 300
    $55 300 6 hours
    Lezyne Strip Pro
    $55 300 6.25 hours
    Cateye Rapid X3
    $60 150 1 hour
    Cygolight H-Shot 350
    $60 350 15 hours
    Serfas Vulcan 350
    $60 350 19 hours