Vittoria Mastik 30 gram Tube

Vittoria Mastik 30 gram Tube

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Mastik Pro is the best tubular glue available.

Cans easily with water, making mess on your hands and equipment a challenge of the past.

It also has a much increased resistance to high temperatures, contributing strongly to much higher safety especially for long descents.

It is non-flammable, so it can be carried everywhere regardless of the mode of transport.

Glued tubulars are rideable in 24 hours and the packaging is especially designed to use two satchels per wheel.

• Quick and easy Application with 24hr dry time.

• High Temperature Resistance: Mastik Pro has been specially developed to withstand temperatures well over 120 degrees Celsius.

• Non Flammable: Now you can take Mastik Pro anywhere with you when you travel to events, via air or road, Mastik pro can be shipped or carried easily.

• Easy Clean Up: Mastik Pro cleans up with water. No more mess on your hands or on your rims.

• Dries to a Clear Finish: You have no unsightly glue stuck to your tires or your high end rims.

• Carbon or Alloy: Mastik Pro Can be used on either carbon or alloy rims.