Gravel Bikes

These unique road, cyclocross, touring, cross country mosh ups define multi-surface versatility.

The Jamis Renegade gravel bike was introduced in 2014, making it the first production gravel bike in the US.

Jamis' designers TC Corbett and Greg Weber were inspired by custom frame builders at the time who were modifying cyclocross bikes by adding rack and fender mounts and widening the frame to take larger than the standard 700 x 33 size cyclocross tires.

10 years after the Renegades introduction, Gravel bikes have become the most popular type of drop handlebar bikes on the market, outselling pavement only road racing bikes 20 to 1. 

Felt's gravel bikes the Breed and the Broam were introduced in 2018 and bring Felt's decades of professional road racing and triathlon frame building expertise to the category. The Breeds are faster and lighter and the Broams are more comfortable and versatile.