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FALL & WINTER HOURS | Monday thru Thursday 11AM - 6PM | Saturday 11AM - 4PM | CLOSED Friday and Sunday
FALL & WINTER HOURS | Monday thru Thursday 11AM - 6PM | Saturday 11AM - 4PM | CLOSED Friday and Sunday


  • Kenda Quick Seven5

    $ 44.95

    The Kwick Seven5 is E-Bike rated and built with a longer lasting, harder durometer rubber, has a reinforced sidewall and at least 3mm of puncture p...

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  • Kenda Kwick Journey

    MSRP $ 39.95
    Our Price $ 34.95

    The Kwick Journey is built to last longer and flat less. E-bike approved means the tire is built with a longer lasting, harder durometer rubber, ha...

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    $ 39.95

    The CST Toboggan is a 20 x 4.0 inch Fat tire for the Aventon Sinch, RadPower RadRunners and other similar E-bikes. Lower profile tread is bike path...

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  • CST Toboggan

    $ 49.95

    The CST Toboggan is a 26 x 4.0 inch Fat Bike off-road tire for all seasons. Slots for adding Studs for winter riding. Studs are NOT included. Tread...

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  • Kenda K838 City Tire

    $ 24.99

    Designed to make older 26 inch wheel mountain bikes ride smoother and faster on pavement and bike paths.  The K838 features a thicker than normal ...

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  • Maxxis Forekaster

    $ 74.00

    The Maxxis Forekaster is the best premium mountain bike tire for western Pennsylvania trails we have ridden. Many tires are designed for the dryer...

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  • Schwalbe Marathon Winter

    $ 54.99

    If you are crazy enough to ride or commute year around, these metal studded snow tires for your bike will keep you upright in the worst conditions....

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  • Goodyear Transit Tour

    MSRP $ 60.00
    Our Price $ 44.99

    Special Buy   25% OFF   Save $15 The Transit Tour are GoodYear's highest mileage and most puncture resistant bicycle tires and are designed for fl...

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  • Panaracer Regacross Tubeless

    MSRP $ 49.99
    Our Price $ 34.99

    The Panaracer Regacross is a tubeless ready cyclocross racing tire with a tread of widely spaced mixed-shape knobs for maximum traction on wet, sof...

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  • Goodyear Transit Speed

    $ 34.99

    Special Buy! 20% OFF. The GoodYear Transit Speed is a super durable and puncture resistant tire for hybrids and gravel bikes. Meets ECE-R75 requir...

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  • Donnelly X'Plor USH

    $ 34.99

    Our favorite mid size gravel tire, the Donnelly X’Plor USH features a combination center ridge and diamond-shaped side knobs design that provide l...

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  • Schwalbe Durano Plus

    $ 59.99

    Maximum puncture protection for race bikes.  The most puncture resistant and long wearing road tire that still feels really fast. The Durano Plus f...

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  • Vittoria Randonneur Classic

    $ 29.99

    Our best selling tire for the over a decade, this is the better version of the Randonneur series with twice the puncture protection. Two layers of ...

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  • Vittoria Rubino Pro IV

    $ 44.99

    The Rubino Pro is widely regarded as one of the the best mid-priced road bike tires available, suited to daily training and amateur level racing. T...

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  • Evo Dash

    $ 20.00

    This 27 x 1-1/4 inch replacement tire fits classic 10 and 12 speed bikes from the 1980s. It features a center ridge for faster rolling on pavement ...

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  • Vittoria Trainer Tire

    $ 35.00

    Rear wheel trainers wear the center of standard rear tires down extremely quickly, especially the grippier rubber of higher end folding tires. So...

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