Modern bicycles, equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, internally routed cables and now often motors, batteries and related electronics, are more complicated, time consuming and expensive to work on than ever before.

Even with four full time mechanics, our typical tuneup turnaround April thru September is often a week. Please plan accordingly. Off-season, October thru March, tuneups usually take two or three days.

And, although we have over $40,000 worth of repair parts in stock, due to the incredible variety of component types and brands out there, about 1 in 5 tune-ups still need a part ordered, which can adds several days to the repair time.

Simpler repairs like inner tube replacement are still done same day or while you wait.

We no longer schedule repair appointments. Repairs are done in the order in which they come in to the shop, so the sooner a bike is dropped off the sooner it will be repaired.

When you bring in your bike for service, we always start with a cost and time estimate of the work that will be needed. One of our mechanics will discuss the repair with you and will explain what work should be done, respecting your budget.

In the event that a repair is going to be more complicated than estimated, or if additional work is required, we will call to get authorization for the additional expense.


Do you work on brands you don't carry?

We work on all brands of bikes no matter where you bought it from. Usually the only bikes that we cannot source parts for are low priced internet E-bikes.

Do you pack and ship bikes?

We pack bikes as well as they are shipped from the factory, wrapped in foam pipe insulation rather than typical corrugated cardboard. The cost for packing and shipping a bike is $80 and includes all labor and materials.

Shipping Insurance claims for theft or damage are only paid to the owner of the package. We have run into this issue several times, so after you drop off the box for shipping you must order an UPS or FedEx label in your name online and email it to us. We will handle everything else. 

UPS shipping charges for a non-electric bike are $150 to $200 to ship.
Bicycle boxes measure 58x31x10 inches and typically weigh 45 lbs packed.

E-bike boxes measure 58x34x12 inches, weigh 75 to 80 lbs and cost $200 to $250 to ship and insure.

Do I get a free tune-up?

Every new bicycle sold by Biketek includes unlimited free tune-ups and adjustments for one year from the time of purchase. No other shop in Pittsburgh offers this long of service without charge.

All new bikes go through a normal break-in period, during which it's important to re-tighten bolts, re-true the wheels and tighten stretching cables and other minor adjustments. So we encourage everyone to bring in the bike at least twice.

Do you rent bicycles?

No, we do not.  We recommend you contact the nice people at Golden Triangle Bike Rental