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Boeshield T9 Lubricant

Boeshield T9 Lubricant

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Originally designed by Boeing Aviation as a corrosion inhibitor for aircraft components, Beoshield's patented T9 lube is in our opinion the best bike lube on the market today.

It dries to a thin film that lubricates and protects for hundreds of miles. It penetrates, cleans and displaces moisture, and is difficult to wash off so a little rain won't immediately rust your chain.

Best results come if you apply and allow to dry for 2 hours or more, then wipe off the excess lube and apply again and allow to dry again.

This two-step set-up gives the lube a bit more life by allowing the protective membrane to fully form.

Reapplication of T-9 every month or two maintains the rust inhibiting barrier.

It is safe on paint, plastics, and vinyl.

4oz bottle.

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