RadPower RadWagon 5
RadPower RadWagon 5
RadPower RadWagon 5
RadPower RadWagon 5
RadPower RadWagon 5
RadPower RadWagon 5
RadPower RadWagon 5

RadPower RadWagon 5

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Description of RadPower RadWagon 5

The newest version of the best selling electric cargo bike in the US, the RadWagon 5 has a new frame design, better handling, better braking, advanced safety features, and more carrying capacity than ever before.

This is a great second car replacement for taking the kids to school, weekly trips to the grocery store and recreational riding with the whole family.

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Try and Buy In-Store.

Until last year, there were only nine RadPower stores in the country.

Most people had to order from the internet and try to assemble it themselves, or have the bike assembled locally by a shop who was not a Rad Retail Partner.

Those dealers are not capable of ordering repair and replacement parts or able to perform repairs under warranty.

We are proud to have been chosen as the first Rad Retail Partner for RadPower in Pennsylvania.

You can now see and demo their bikes in person before you buy. We have over $200,000 worth of E-bikes in stock.

Pricing for the RadPower bikes does not include dealer assembly.

Rad offers a ship to a local store for assembly option for $200 on their website but if you purchase a RadRunner from us you will save that $200

We do not charge extra for assembly and we also includes a year of tune ups and adjustments for free with purchase.

All Rad Power bikes include 2 years of warranty parts and labor performed at local Retail Partners. Which would be us.

We have sold over 3,000 E-bikes since 2020, and we want to be the best place for you to try and buy your electric bike.

Questions? Give us a call or better yet stop in. We're here to help.