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Puncture Resistant Tube

Puncture Resistant Tube

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Puncture resistant tubes, sometimes called thorn proof, have an outer wall that is three times as thick as a standard tube (see the cross section photo) and this extra thickness dramatically reduces the risk of puncture.

In our experience they will decrease your chance of getting a flat by more than 95%. They also hold air much longer than standard tubes, usually only needing to be inflated once every 6-8 weeks. 

The downside is they cost and weigh a lot more.

They typically weigh around 200g more than a standard tube, about half a pound per tube of additional rotating mass on your bike.

These tubes are the best choice for heavier and difficult to change e-Bike wheels and for older 70s and 80s road bikes with 26x1-3/8 or 27x1-1/4 steel wheels. 

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