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Aventon Pace 350.2

Aventon Pace 350.2

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We have assembled more than twenty brands and models of sub $1,500 E-bikes over the last two years and none of them come close to the quality of the Aventon Pace 350.

The Pace 350 the more affordable version of Aventon's Pace 500 and is a class 2 E-bike which means you have both a throttle and a Pedal Assist System with a top speed of 20 mph.

Use a little pedal assist when you want a workout, or a higher setting for help on the hills. Or use the throttle if you don't want to pedal at all.

At just 46 lbs, Pace 350 is light enough for most people to load onto a car rack without assistance - significantly lighter than competing ebikes.

Keep track of your speed, distance, battery level and more with the full color LCD display which also features an integrated USB port that can charge your smartphone and sync to the Aventon mobile app.

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