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Jamis XR20

These bikes are designed for 6 to 8 year olds to ride far beyond the pavement and bike path once the driveway has been mastered.

Mountain bike styling in a shrunken version will have them high tailing it through mud puddles with a grin.

The Shimano Revo twist shifter clicks through 6 speeds with the flick of a wrist allowing kids to have a wider gear range without much complexity.

These bikes have front and rear hand brakes only, no coaster (foot) brake.

Designed to fit kids 47”-55” in height. The complete bikes weigh just 24 lbs.

Comparable Bikes

  MSRP Frame
Trek Precaliber 20
$360 aluminum
Jamis XR20 $400 aluminum
Cannondale Quick 20
$435 aluminum
Specialized Hotrock 20
$450 aluminum