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RockyMounts Backstage

The Rocky Mounts Backstage is a platform hitch rack that swings out away from the vehicle 180 degrees when loaded.

No matter if you have a truck, SUV or camper van, this rack is perfect for those who need completely open access to the back end of their vehicle.

Based around the MonoRail platform, the Backstage is a two bike rack only, and not expandable to three bikes.

The Backstage is e-bike capable and features a design that has no contact with bicycle frame.

The rack folds up flat against the vehicle when not in use and tilts down 30 degrees to allow for hatch access even when loaded.

Only available for 2 inch size hitches.

Comes with anti wobble hitch bolt and includes locking hitch pin and cable lock which are keyed.

Rack weight 63 lbs.